Making that Starbucks Habit Greener

It is not widely known but, Starbucks does provide “for here” mugs and plates if you ask for them when ordering.  

One can speculate why baristas are not instructed to offer a mug with every hot beverage ordered, I mean, every other fast food joint asks “is that for here or to go?”  I can only assume it is cheaper to avoid both the cost to replace breakable mugs and dishwashing.

For Here Mug

So, next time you sit-in at Starbucks, and you are not carrying your personal travel mug for some odd reason, ask for a mug when ordering your latte.  Next time you just cannot say no to that chocolate croissant or that spinach wrap, it happens to the best of us, ask for a plate.  I do, however, regret to inform you that all of the goodies in that tantalizing display case are individually wrapped in plastic!



  1. My mother-in-law is very adamant at Tim Horton’s to get proper crockery whenever she sits in. I’ve asked for a mug at this one S’bucks in Edinburgh, but the staff give me paper anyway! I started going to a different coffee place.

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    • I am very happy to hear that you and your mother-in-law make the effort! Tim Horton’s is particularly bad, at least they used to be, serving hot beverages in a double paper cup. Luckily some cities are starting to allow disposable coffee cups as part of the regular recycling program.


      • Disposable coffee cups are recyclable in Edinburgh — not that coffee shops have extra bins for that. Mind you, as my solar engineer father-in-law notes, reducing waste is the best of the three Rs and recycling the worst. I’m keen to see your other recommendations! 🙂

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      • Vancouver has just introduced coffee cup recycling. Starbucks, funny enough, is the only coffee shop I have seen with the bins, not to say the general public actually uses them. I agree 100% with your father-in-law! Stop the problem at the “source”, recycling requires a tremendous amount of resources. I am happy to say, it would seem things may be swinging away from recycling as the answer to everything with the introduction of “refuse” and “renew” to the 3 R’s, now the 5 ‘Rs’.

        I’ve been slow to start but, I have a very large amount of content to post. Standby, I appreciate your interest!! 🙂

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